How would you spend Devonport's 2015/16 budget?

Step 1:
Learn about how the budget works by visiting our the Speak Up Devonport Budget Consultation 2015/16 page.  You can also review the Budget Frequently Asked Questions to help make your decisions.

Step 2:
Share your opinion by selecting your preferred budget option for each of the service areas listed below. The  impacts of your choices will be shown on this page.

Step 3:
Leave your comments about your budget choices by clicking on the grey comment icon   at the right of your selected budget level.


Devonport City Council's Annual Operating Budget is around $38 million. Of that, just over $26 million comes from Rates and Service charges, with the balance coming from grants, investment income, dividends and other fees & charges.

The Budget Allocator allows for adjustments in Council's service areas that cost $35.66 million.  

A significant portion of these costs are fixed, ie. taxes, depreciation or costs associated with ensuring Council's statutory compliance.

The information you provide us will help Council target those areas where you think we should be spending more.

Tell us how you would spend that money.

Your choices and comments will be shared with Devonport City Council to assist in the budget decision making process.